T-Shirts for the Distinguished Gamer

The Company

Established in 2012, SlashLoot LLC was founded with the purpose to produce high quality prints featuring artwork from Scott Johnson.  Scott is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer, and podcaster.  In 2008 he launched Frog Pants Studios, LLC which is an illustration and audio production company.  He is also the co-owner of SlashLoot LLC.  

Scott's web comics can be seen on My Extra Life.  His comics and artwork have been sold in the form of prints but he also wanted his fans to be able to wear his art on shirts.  The only problem was having his full color artwork reproduced on T-shirts at a quality level he would be satisfied with.  

In recent years, DTG (direct-to-garment) printing has made huge technological advances.  In addition to printing directly onto light shirts, these printers also have the ability to print white textile inks directly on dark shirts allowing the color layer to print on top with amazing detail and quality.

John Pryor is also co-owner of SlashLoot.  He is also with DogHouse Systems (manufacturer of high performance gaming computer hardware) and Proactive Technologies.  Proactive Technologies is the sister company of DogHouse Systems and they build servers and workstation for the printing industry.  While at a printing trade show in October of 2011, John walked though the garment section of the show floor and saw a T-shirt with print quality that made him stop in his tracks.  He was thoroughly impressed with the technology and quality of the print and was given a couple of sample shirts that came right off the press.  He went to a table where he could lay out the shirts and without a second thought, he sent a message to Scott with pictures of the shirts. 

Over the following months, much planning and research went into building a business plan around this new printing technology and Scott Johnson's legendary artwork.  Once a decision was made to move forward, the hardware was purchased and brought up to speed, the website was launched, and it was as if treasure was being printed directly onto shirts....and that's how SlashLoot (/loot) came to be.